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Do you feel like you’re not living your best life? Or that this isn’t the way life is supposed to feel?

You’re successful, accomplished, and maybe even an overachiever, yet you’re constantly in your head all the time, overthinking almost everything, second-guessing decisions, obsessing about small details, and possibly even “people-pleasing”.

You might be living with a general, constant sense of unease or stress (“but what am I stressing about?”).  You might even feel frequently overwhelmed, and the little things just add up emotionally.  Even though you’re performing at work and/or school, these feelings are likely still getting in the way of you living your best life.

A lot of the time, elements from our past show up in our present and future.  These could be anything from childhood relationships, major life events, significant memories, or anything else that may be lurking in the background.  Dr. Azzam will work with you on getting a better understanding on how all of these things tie together, and together you’ll identify specific solutions to help you live your best life.

It is especially true for couples as well that each of you is bringing into your mutual relationship your own past and “pre-programmed” ways of thinking, your feelings, and ways of behaving.  Dr. Azzam will work with you both to help unpack these, understand them, and adjust things as necessary.

Specific examples of things you will learn during your time together in both individual or couples therapy:

How to quiet that nagging feeling or those nagging thoughts you have

How to achieve a sense of calm in your daily life

How to manage perfectionism

How to manage procrastination

How to feel more confident and increase self-esteem

How to control your emotions versus feeling controlled by them

How to feel okay with discomfort, or with the unknown, without feeling overly stressed or overwhelmed

How to break the people-pleasing patterns

How to set more boundaries with others, and in other parts of your life

How to have healthier relationships

How to help you enter healthier dating relationships

How to have longer-lasting relationships

How to feel heard and understood in your relationships

How to get your needs and wants met, especially in your relationships