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Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) / Spousal Abuse

Dr. Azzam expertly assesses individuals of all genders who have been the victims of domestic violence.  Domestic violence does not only pertain to physical abuse, but also to psychological, verbal, and/or emotional abuse.

Under this act, immigrants that are the spouse, parent, or child of what is deemed an “abusive” United States citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) have the right to self-petition for safety and independence from their abuser by filing for permanent residence (Green Card) and/or employment authorization.

A VAWA immigration evaluation can help evaluate the extent of the spousal abuse you suffered, and the emotional, psychological, and physical (if applicable) impact the abuse had on you.

For further information about the Violence Against Women Act (WAVA)/Spousal Abuse process, you can visit the USCIS website here.

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