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Medical-Legal Evaluations

Personal Injury and Independent Medical Evaluations

Comprehensive psychological evaluations can help identify how an injury or traumatic event may have impacted your client, and can help them with compensation and treatment.

These are in-depth evaluations that include extensive psychological interviews that integrate all biopsychosocial factors, evidence-based and empirically supported psychological testing, extensive psychological, medical, and other pertinent record reviews, and report-writing to help determine how a certain event may have impacted your client. 

Specifically, Dr. Azzam’s psychological assessments include:

In-depth interviews spanning an average of 4 hours

Comprehensive personal, familial, and social histories

Comprehensive educational and occupational histories

Comprehensive medical and medication histories

Comprehensive mental health, psychiatric, and/or trauma histories, where applicable

Mental Status Exam (MSE)

Behavioral observations and interpretations

Current mental health struggles and/or symptoms

Assignment of mental health diagnoses, where applicable

Applicable evidence-based psychological research

Tests for malingering

Highly standardized, objective, and valid psychological measures

Professional, realistic predictions based on risk and protective factors

Incorporation of applicable medical records from outside physicians, mental health professionals, etc.

Prognosis and professional recommendations based on psychological assessment

The evaluations include an interpretation of the objective and subjective psychological test findings, details about the course of the injury or traumatic event, and recommendations for treatment to help your client cope with the effects of the injury or trauma to help improve their quality of life.

Common complaints and conditions include employer discrimination, employer harassment (sexual or otherwise), wrongful termination, emotional distress, being the victim of, or being exposed to, traumatic events, malpractice (medical, psychological, or legal), industrial accidents, and motor vehicle accidents.