Immigration Evaluations

Immigration psychological evaluations are extensive psychological reports that can help attorneys and ultimately immigration officials determine whether or not applicants will be able to lawfully remain in, or to enter, the United States based on specific factors and circumstances.

These psychological evaluations and reports could be the components in your case that make the biggest difference, as they can add remarkable value to your immigration cases.

Dr. Azzam has extensive pre-licensure experience under the training and supervision of a clinical psychologist who specializes in these.  By the time Dr. Azzam was licensed, she had already completed countless evaluations and reports, and has since completed hundreds more.

Dr. Azzam works with immigration lawyers throughout California and New York.  She has worked extensively with clients from different cultures, ethnic and national backgrounds, and countries of origin; including, but not limited to, the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, East Africa, Latin America, and South America.

Specifically, she provides assessments for the following immigration issues:


Cancellation of removal

Extreme hardship waivers

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) / Spousal abuse

Victims of Crime (or U Visa)

Victims of Human Trafficking (or T Visa)

Dr. Azzam’s immigration psychological assessments include:

In-depth interviews spanning an average of 3 hours (generally over two appointments)

Comprehensive personal, familial, and social histories

Comprehensive educational and occupational histories

Comprehensive medical and medication histories

Comprehensive mental health, psychiatric, and/or trauma histories, where applicable

Mental Status Exam (MSE)

Behavioral observations and interpretations

Current mental health struggles and/or symptoms

Assignment of mental health diagnoses, where applicable

Applicable evidence-based psychological research

Tests for malingering (“faking”)

Highly standardized, objective, and valid psychological measures

Professional, realistic predictions based on risk and protective factors

Incorporation of applicable medical records from outside physicians, mental health professionals, etc.

Professional recommendations based on psychological assessment

Other specific factors related to immigration cases (e.g., survivor of violent crimes for U Visa, religious persecution for asylum cases, etc.)

If needed, expedited services are available for an added fee

For clients:

You might find yourself on this page because your attorney recommended you obtain a psychological immigration report from a professional who conducts these evaluations to help strengthen and support your case.

An added benefit through, and after, undergoing these immigration evaluations is that even though these evaluations are not therapy sessions, they can still be opportunities for you to process what you have been through or are currently going through.  They could offer the opportunity for you to begin the process of healing, perhaps even for the first time!

If you choose to continue with therapy services after you complete your evaluations, Dr. Azzam can assist you with therapy referrals thereafter.

For attorneys:

You are here because you’re seeking an expert in immigration evaluations with extensive experience conducting these reports, and someone who is detailed, who knows what immigration courts, judges, and USCIS look for, and who is able to provide comprehensive reports with both objective and subjective psychological testing.

As a doctoral-level evaluator, Dr. Azzam is able to offer more objective tests that test for malingering (or “faking”, in other words), as well as additional factors that could strengthen the report further.